How New Regulations Could Affect Casino Industry In 2018

The online gambling market is growing each and every day, and with it change is on the horizon again. As more and more US states legalize online gambling, and as the industry grows, a larger groundwork of rules will be laid down. New casinos online try to establish their place in the industry, regulations are becoming stricter and this is posing various problems to these operators getting off the ground. Although new casinos have an easy ride when it comes to getting the relevant licenses in their area of operation as of now, the new regulations may be hard to abide by, and afford come 2018.

How The Regulations Will Take Effect

There are regulations that new casinos will find easy to adapt. However, the many problems online players have reported means more governments are trying to take a hard stand to flash out casinos known to take advantage of their naive customers. For instance, there are regulations that have already been put in place—there are those that allow some casinos to advertise promotional limits that attract players in a minimal way. This is something we may see in the US soon.

The other way such regulations may affect the gaming world in 2018 is when it comes to player bonus. Things are still smooth as of now. New players now enjoy first deposit bonuses in most online casinos. However, new online casinos will have to limit their bonuses next year depending on the jurisdiction they are operating in.

Less Deposit Methods

It is important to understand that new casinos are not the only problem governments around the world have to deal with, there are also criminal players out there who use casinos to launder dirty money. In that respect, the regulatory bodies have already started making the deposit and withdrawal processes strict than before. However, different casinos around the world still help money launders do what they do best. They make money laundering possible since they have many different payment methods on offer. So what authorities will do come 2018 is to cut down on the payment methods available. So this will have an impact on players who already use them legally.

Strict Deposit And Withdrawal Limits

This means that, not only will the variety of deposit and withdrawal methods face limits, but the deposit and withdrawal limits will also be regulated. It is important to understand that online players now have the liberty to deposit as much as they want into their casino accounts. However, the crackdown on a number of “bad casinos” will means that players will suffer when it comes to the amount of money they can play with and how much they can win. If it is to be capped on the furture it will impact both players and operators.

Fewer Games And Market Options

You will be spoiled for choices on the types of games to play especially if you are a new player. This is because online casinos have hundreds of thousands of games on offer. However, gaming bodies could soon limit these options and have a regulated number of games and markets available. This will be in an effort to limit “rigged gaming software.” Judging from the negative reviews most of the online casinos get, it is evident that the industry at large is getting the wrong name for itself because of the owners that try to scam gamers. So governments are trying out different measures to put an end to this.

So as we go to 2018, there is no doubt that the online casino market will still thrive, but there could be new obstacles. This is due to the fact that more people from across the globe are getting into the industry adding market value. However, new casino owners can be sure they will have a tougher time when it comes to getting hold of relevant licenses they need to run the business going forward. They will have to abide by the strict rules put by governments to ensure their operations are completely legal. Although this may have negative impact on a player’s experience, players should understand that some of the measures put their for their own good. They intend to ensure players have a better experience in a safer environment and also give confidence to genuine online casinos even as they try to compete with their unscrupulous competitors.

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