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online slotsSince the very beginning of online gambling, the slot machine has attracted a loyal following of spinners and sometimes winners. It is the only casino game that can turn a single dollar into millions instantly, but finding the best place to start can be a little intimidating when the choices are so vast. Don’t fret, the Mobile Casino Party team is here to help with not just examples and descriptions of the different types, but also with our picks as the #1 online slots that feature games from that very provider! Let’s get this figured out together…

RealTime Gaming Slots

It is exemplary to be one of the biggest and still give away cash like its nothing, even when others have stopped offing slots bonuses of this caliber. Of the casino software we review, this one has proven to be a top pick not just here, but all over the world. There are “RTG” sites that have new U.S. real money slot machines including the progressive jackpot games, Goldbeard, Crazy Vegas, and Monster Mayhem, but were put on the map by their unique use of extra features. They are full of mini-games, 5-reel, 7-reel, free spins guaranteed to activate, and random jackpot chances on all wager sizes who’s payouts are ranging from $400 to $15,000 each.

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These are separate form the networked progressive slots that reach into the millions and are paid by RTG directly where as all other winnings are paid by check to U.S. players or by wire / e-wallet elsewhere. They also boast the highest credit card deposit success rate of the group since some cards block international use.

Example of Realtime Gaming online slots

BetOnSoft – (Saucify) – Real Money Slots

The bright and playfully animated HD slots from BetOnSoft (now named Saucify) are fast -spinning with a cartoon like appeal. What’s funny is that the newest slot is actually the first full motion video slot machine to be played over the web and it sharply contrasts their general design style of the more art heavy scenes. If you want to see something completely off the beaten track the “Bucking Broncos” may be the one for you but be warned, this new style of is getting a lot of mixed reviews. The others will please a wide audience as there are a lot of very specific themes tailored to individual interests, from romantic to spy related, small soldiers headed to battle to X-men superheros, to pixies and faeries frolicking in a forest of treasure. Play Saucify slots at Black Lotus

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BetSoft – (Bovada) – (USA Slots)

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I put this one right under BetOnSoft so to help eliminate any confusion. BetSoft is a completely different company that has actually been making games for real money longer than anyone short of RTG. Their road to having the top spot in the ranks of awesomeness was paved with adventurously constructed, additive, and high-paying 3D slots. They really do have some crazy and original features characteristic of video games sometimes more than necessary seemingly. You can wait quite awhile to actually get to playing the free spins before the bells and whistles to stop blowing.

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It must take a very long time to be able to pack in the quantity of 3D graphics and zany sound effects (with the exception of Boomanji) but they keep pumping new ones out like tomorrow will never come. MobileCasinoParty has all your info needed to get down with the slots at a USA online casino for real cash in 2017 by clicking here.

Additionally, you may read the full Bovada review by clicking here and see how they add to the excitement with additional exclusive slot games only able to be played there (proprietary), like Invasion. It is probably going to be voted the best at the end of the year again, as no other website is even close in several categories, so getting in now with the promo is worthwhile. New Jersey residents and play while inside of New Jersey is not allowed at Bovada, but all other states are welcome.

Bovada Slots

Rival Online Slots

Rival Powered Online Casino Logo

Some say they feel disconnected, others says the line drawings and artistic approach to saying is an asset, while even more say it is a confusing detriment to the gaming experience. One thing everyone agrees on, Rival slots have the highest payback or overall average payout of any online casino slot game provider. This is the reason why so many of them exist. They are called “while label” and anyone can hop on over to Costa Rica where they hand out gambling licenses like candy on the street and buy one. Then they set it up using the help of just a few people and fund it with a big money in marketing.

Golden Cherry LogoMost of the time this type of operation could only be trusted as far as you could throw it into the wind. Why would anyone expect that they would be able to pay multiple winnings, or even care to do so for that matter when there is almost zero penalty for going rogue. Choosing the right Rival casinos is extremely important unless you don’t plan on ever cashing out. Right now Slots Capital is the best in the U.S.

Golden Cherry and Slots Capital are the only ones we care to review because it is the only one run by a group we know to be honest and have pocket deep enough to pay any win. They own Winpalace after all and have all the cool newness full of award winning customer service, cash-able bonuses, and more. Yes that’s correct, the value of the bonus money is not taken away from your balance when withdrawing if noted.

Rival Slots have the payback listed in the whelps menu along side of each one. Most of the time you will have to scroll all the way to the the bottom to find it but it is there. Having that kind of information really makes them stand out as one of the best and obviously most honest. Here is a picture of Astral Luck, a 50-line slot that hit $280 scatter win sent in by James from Illinois!

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Topgame – (Black Diamond)

Anyone who has been doing this for awhile is familiar with Topgame and their, to use the word with all vindictive force, extremely tainted reputation. It’s not they don’t provide enough amusement, or that they pay less than everyone else here unless you utilize the double up gambling feature, it is simply that they take a month sometimes to get a check overseas to US players. Since the processors are almost entirely located in other countries, the payments sometimes get delayed or lost in transit.

Then people are happy to blame the establishment that is not paying them as they wait for that special day the money arrives. There is nothing worse for a new internet casino then to have people publicly displaying their dislike of what you are there to do, get those cash winnings fast. Look how shiny this game is. I think I am attracted to its colors much like a moth to flame.

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Black Diamond is owned and operated by Deckmedia, a group that is regarded as the most likely to not rip you off as they are certified from Malta where the government cares about its’ reputation. Since all of the others have complaint after complaint for the last 7 years, it is the only site we recommend with Topgame branding currently.

Did You Know All USA Slots Sites Run One of Five Different Casino Programs?

Meaning there are a total of five software companies that creates the games and the overall system that casinos operate on independently. They literally just have different names but that same old stuff.

Sound confusing? Well it is… and this is where some people that get into trouble with bonus abuse and other account related issues when they though they were being sneaky. It’s a small gaming world after all. Believe me when I say, there really is no way around playing by the rules. Not only are they all sharing detailed information with each other, they hire third parties to monitor players and transactions.

This keeps them transparent and is also a required part of gambling regulation in the USA and in Great Britain the two most trusted regulating bodies. Since American allowed sites are even more heavily under the thumb, the software companies described here are the only ones we are allowed to play legally.

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