Club World And Lucky Red Down – Making Thier Way To The Scam List

It was a Cyber-Attack. Now Resolved! We are happy to report that this issue is resolved and Club World is back online!!

From the Club World Representative:

The DDoS (Cyber-Attack) was directed at us for a reason, to take us down, to gain an advantage, to part destroy relationships with affiliates – whatever it might have been, but in no way would we do this on purpose to do anything underhanded.

I can also assure you, that during the time the DDoS hit that we did everything in our power to maintain a level of performance that both players and affiliates expect. However, due to the size of the attack, our mitigation software at the time could not handle it, as a direct result of this we were forced to switch providers. Which was a good thing, as we found a great company who has dealt with it successfully since. What the DDoS did was highlight the weaknesses which we have now improved on, there are still sections such as mobile which we are waiting for development work to be completed on by RTG before we put it back live. We’ll re-launch mobile as soon as it’s safe to do so and once we are happy that such an attack cannot get through the mobile client.

We are happy to have you back ­čÖé

Old Post: This is the best way to be seen as a rogue scam-er type online casino on┬áthe┬áfast track. The affiliate edge brand casinos “Club World” and “Lucky Red” have been not loading for new players over the last two weeks. The MobileCasinoParty staff wants to apologize for not delivering on our bonuses and offers, but it is truly out of our virtual hands. Their senior affiliate manager and representative Martyn stated, “We found out that the ‘anti intruder’ system was set to sensitive and had been triggered, causing traffic to the site to get filtered incorrectly.” among other more technical┬áproblems. He goes on to say that they had the problem resolved, but our staff has been testing their websites using three different speed-test tools no less than 10 times each day at random times, and found this is not true and that they have been offline over 90% of the time.

During this period of traffic being sent with empty loading pages there was no official statement from their group to the people that advertise for them, or to their already existing players that the instant play portion of the casinos would be inaccessible. Many of you already know that these two site are not working correctly and we really do not know what is true from what is being fabricated.

During the time that the AE websites were not loading, people were prevented from signing up. Is is possible there could be several underhanded things going on although there is no evidence supporting that, and currently it seems that no one but publishers are suffering financially. There has been only one claim of missing deposited money from a player that had the site “close on them”..

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