The Three Stooges II Online Slot Review

Three Stooges II Online Slot Machine ExampleThey’re back for a second time in The Three Stooges II slot game from Real Time Gaming (RTG)

The three man comedy line-up of Moe, Larry and Curly has made it back onto the reels for a second time, still packing a progressive jackpot and a host of features.

A very simple slot game to just pick up and go, it consists of three reels and three fixed paylines. As The Three Stooges II slot game is a fixed payline slot, there isn’t an option to decrease paylines, so the minimum wager is 0.30 coins, up to a maximum of 3.00.

Features of The Three Stooges II slot game

Moe’s Moolah Feature – For Moe’s Moolah to trigger, simply match three Moe symbols across the reels during a spin. Out of all the bonus features, this presents the most value. Six different levels are achievable and are displayed on a prize meter. All of the levels consist of value packed goodies including Free Spins bonuses with supplementary multipliers:

  • 100 Free Spins + 10x Multi
  • 75 Free Spins + 8x Multi
  • 50 Free Spins + 6x Multi
  • 25 Free Spins + 5x Multi
  • 15 Free Spins + 4x Multi
  • 10 Free Spins + 3x Multi

An extra feature in this bonus round to look out for is Moe’s Odds, where a start button is clicked allowing you to roll a pair of dice to reveal your final level, and gain some extra wins.

Larry’s Stash Feature – Larry’s Stash is triggered by matching three Larry symbols. In a similar fashion to the Moe’s Moolah feature, this combines free spins with multipliers:

  • 20 Free Spins + 7x Multi
  • 15 Free Spins + 6x Multi
  • 12 Free Spins + 5x Multi
  • 10 Free Spins + 4x Multi
  • 8 Free Spins + 3x Multi
  • 7 Free Spins + 2x Multi

A roll of the dice will reveal the final level and more importantly the extent of your winnings.

Curly’s Cashola Feature – Quite simply put, this feature awards you with nine three spins plus a 2x Multi when Curly appears across a payline.

Our Verdict

For fans of The Three Stooges, this is clearly a must. The sequel slot follows on nicely from the first, and the welcome addition of two progressive jackpots rounds it off nicely. Big hits are found in the bonus round, but the variance is low.

For those of you that prefer your free spins over any other feature, this game is definitely a good pick for you. A highly entertaining variation of the well-known online slot and a perfect homage to the original motion picture together make playing it enjoyable even if you are unfamiliar with this dynamic trio.

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