Pirate Isle Slot Game Review

Line win on the real money slot game Pirate IsleIt’s a Pirates Life for Me!

Pirate Isle puts you right at the helm of a pirate’s ship. You will encounter wenches and riches as you battle the great colonists of the time. Your quest is to best the other ships with your cannons and unlock the treasure chest to score the booty.

The overflowing treasure chest glistens gold. Oh No! The treasure chest is locked. Fill the treasure key meter to unlock it! The gold filled chest also acts as a scatter. Generally, you need at least two scatters to return your bet and three scatter pieces to begin the feature. That is the general rule of thumb and is also true for Pirate Isle. In Pirate Isle slots three scatters begins the treasure chest feature.  The bonus features really made this game fun for me.  I also liked the extra bet.

When you activate the extra bet you selectively chose to place a slightly higher wager in exchange for better odds at triggering a bonus feature. When I used the extra bet during this game, I genuinely felt like it aided me in triggering the bonus more frequently. In turn, that gave me the sense that I was winning more money. When you feel like you are winning more money, often you are enjoying yourself even more.


My favorite part of this particular slot is the broad side feature. When you spin the pirate ship symbol on reels 1, 3, and 5; it will trigger the broad side bonus game. This feature is an animated pirate ship battle. The enemy ship arrives waving a flag to designate whether they are Dutch, French, English, Spanish or some other colonial conquering country. The pirates shout cheeky pirate-ish phrases and the battle ensues. “Feed ’em to the fishes!”

The broad side feature battle begins with automated cannon fire. Unfortunately you cannot literally take aim at an enemy ship. This means that you cannot control when and where the cannon is fired or if it hits the opposing ship. As you defeat each enemy ship round by round, you also move up in prize levels. Each time you succeed, the ship will sink and a new ship approaches. This continues until your pirate ship is sunk by an enemy.

Once you are defeated, the prize amount for your bonus is tabulated. Cue even more cheeky pirate phrases. “Ye be sunk!” In my experience playing the game, the broad side feature lasted only two or three rounds. It was an adorable little animated story part of the game that I really enjoyed. While manning the cannons of my pirate ship I  had fond memories of other pirate based video games that I had fun playing when I was much younger. Far too young for gambling.

The jackpot for this slot was close to 6k. However, in my time spinning the reels, I never even got close to unlocking the treasure chests or lighting the treasure key meter. I was betting one dollar with an extra bet of twenty cents. Perhaps that’s too cheap for scurvy pirate types. I would definitely play this online slot again in the future.

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