More Gold Diggn’ Online Slot Review

more gold diggin online slot for real money review and screenshot BetSoft’s new game More Gold Diggin’ is a sequel to their previous Gold Diggin’ game. On my screen, there is a cool, damp mine. The game board is flanked by two miners. On the left is a tall skinny yokel and on the right is a red bearded dwarf-like miner. Time to spin! Rubies, jade, gold, diamonds, gold, and copper go whizzing by. What I really want to mine is the big wins.

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Other aspects of the new slot were a multiplier that increased after each win. If you spin consecutive wins, the multiplier goes up to a possible five times the amount won. It seemed difficult to win but I hit the five times multiplier a few times. The game also had a free spin feature which was nearly impossible to trigger. Three TnT barrels were needed to start the feature. Luckily, the dynamite sticks, which were wild, counted towards obtaining the three barrels or I would have never gotten to see the free spins. The multiplier bar during the free spins starts at 3x and goes to 10x. Unfortunately, my free spins only amounted to a couple of dollars.

The game does have some explosive elements. The dynamite stick wilds actually explode and allow for other pieces to drop onto the game board after a line win. Essentially this turns your 1 spin into more if you continue to win. Meanwhile, that multiplier is going up. In my case however, after the dynamite exploded and my new pieces dropped, that was usually the end of the line for me. I played $35 down to $6 before I finally hit a lucky streak. The winnings started to pick up and I hadn’t increased my low 25 cent bet. That free spin feature is very elusive.

Once, on a $5 line win, the two miners and the coal miner’s daughter came to the front of the game board and did a line dance type jig. That was pretty amusing, maybe even my favorite part about the slot. Sometimes I think that newer slots are purposefully made tighter. I’m still going to play them even if my most lucrative win throughout the whole game was $9.50 on a 50 cent bet. It was still fun to play it because it’s new and different. My all-time favorite slot sequel at Bovada is still Zombies vs Cheerleaders II. It has blood,guts, and pink sports bras…epic. That one is going to be hard to dethrone.

If you decide to play More Gold Diggin’ good luck, or read more online slot reviews to find the right machine for you!