Firestorm 7 Slot Game Review

The Firestorm Seven slot game from Rival whisks you back to the golden era of classic 3-reel slots. We’re not just talking about your ordinary land based slot games, as this online version of a classic really tuns up the heat graphically. We view it as “plug and play” due to the paytable and bonus round being pretty standard.

An explosive piece of potential value awaits behind each spin, and quite literally due to the hot blazing nature of its fire theme. Your scatter symbols are gas cans, and your top multipliers are lighters.. you do the math!

It has three reels, presented as a classic one arm bandit of yesteryear. The attention to detail is pretty ineradicable with the main call to action button, also known as the ‘Spin’ button, is adorned in flickering flames when hovering. Flaming whips, smoke, and balls of molten lava circulate throughout the background continuously during gameplay.

Features of Firestorm 7

As mentioned earlier, the paytable is pretty standard and therefore so are the features. This isn’t a bad side because the paylines are quite generous and during bonus spins they can be “big money” waiting to happen. The simplicity of this game… is how it simply works. If you’ve played or still love older non-video slot machines this is defiantly a good choice for a different but similar experience.

Free Spins Bonus Feature – Even though it’s a classic orientated slot, you’ll be pleased to know that a Free Spins feature is present and ready to hand out smoldering hot payouts. The Free Spins feature is triggered by the Gas Tank symbols and when activated can bare up to 21 free spins along with a 3x multiplier. Reading up around the slot game and researching further into this particular Rival slot, we found that you can actually win up to 225,000 during the free spins mode alone. Pretty impressive stuff.

Our Verdict

The chances are that if you’re in front of this slot game, you’re already familiar with Rival slots. It struggles to emit the vibrancy of other slots in Rivals hugely impressive portfolio, yet really packs a big punch with it’s regular payline winning potential and hot, melt your face Firefighter action.

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