Football Frenzy Online Slot Review

football-frenzy-real-money-online-slot-machineFootball Frenzy brings the magic of winning cash with Soccer straight to your desktop computer!

The Football Frenzy Slot Game may have been released during the FIFA World Cup, but make no mistake about it, this slot game isn’t just a carbon copy of the many other football (or soccer) slots out there and it is high variance. In case you didn’t already know, Soccer in the USA is called Football in the UK, just like Rugby in the UK is called Football in the USA.

To start with, the features are pretty stacked meaning that a lot of effort has been put into the slot as opposed to rushing it out to market to capitalize on a topical event. At first glance (apologies in advance RTG), but the slot game could easily be mistaken for a Microgaming slot due to its visually impressive graphics. Real Time Gaming has come a long way in the past year alone and this is an example that truly makes their progress evident.

Features of the Football Frenzy Slot Game

Without further ado, we move onto the many features that make it stand out.

  • Wild Symbol – First up it’s worth pointing out that the striker is the wild symbol, and doubles all wins when it appears on a payline.
  • Striker Mode – The Striker Mode is activated during the Free Spins bonus rounds and means all wins are then tripled.
  • Lucky Mode – This can be triggered at random during any point of the base game. This caught us surprise a few times as it can be activated after any spin, and also retrigger more than once during gameplay.
  • Penalty Kick Bonus – The pressure of the penalty kick.. well in this case not so much, as if you find a bonus ball appear on one symbol across each reel the Penalty Kick Bonus is activated for some substantial wins. Each penalty taken awards a multiplier based on your stake amount.
  • Free Spins – The Free Spins round in Football Frenzy can be re-triggered more than once throughout gameplay.

Our Verdict

The features of this slot game speak louder than any review possibly can. The people at RTG have pulled out the sporty stops with this one. Initially looking like just another ‘World Cup’ slot, the strength comes from the randomly triggered bonuses, stunning graphics and even a jackpot feature. We didn’t mention them earlier (well there are so many features!), but included are two jackpots labelled as Minor and Major which reflects the size of each.

The jackpots current value cycles in the top right hand corner of the screen during gameplay. These can be hit randomly at the completion of any paid spin. All in all this is an online slot game well worth a try, and with a maximum win potential of 900x your bet.. it should be happy spinning!

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