The Explosive Growth Of Internet Gambling In New Jersey

The sheer number of online gaming permits issued in New Jersey has redeverted Jersey gambling from Atlantic City to the screens of phones and computers statewide. New Jersey is one of the few States that has legalized state operated online gambling. Interestingly, although the state has permitted the practice, for just a few years, the online gambling industry has grown exponentially. Gamers interested in playing their favorite casino games on the internet will have more opportunities to do that in the near future. In fact, with the numerous forms of internet gambling that will emerge, there will be numerous new companies interested in investing in the New Jersey online marketing environment. In other words, New Jersey has drawn an good amount of investment attention, something it needed for a long time.

Interestingly, even with this there is still room for growth. Initially, most gamers thought that poker will be the driving force of online gambling. However, that has not been the trend because the other forms of gambling such as slot machines and blackjack are more popular among most NJ players. Some associate this slow growth to the lack of liquidity and a growing disinterest in Poker from a new class of gamers. The old fashioned poker games are not being played nearly as much, and the other games have basically picked up the slack.

The destiny of online poker shows promise in the near future, nationwide, as the handful of states that have legalized online gambling have shown interest in combining player pools. Joining forces will also help in solving the liquidity concerns in the industry. In other words, when everything starts working according to plan, the New Jersey internet gambling industry will likely experience massive growth development as a live test model.

The latest online gambling television and radio ads launched by established casino brands are focused on reaching out to newbie players, who have perhaps never played at an online casino. The marketing campaign is targeting online players who steered clear of the online gambling scene because it was initially illegal to participate. The marketing campaigns have enticing packages for new players such as the 200 free dollars just for signing up, which is broken down into $10 free casino play, six %1 poker tournament entries and $4 for free poker playing.

The advertised deposit bonuses have arguably attracted several new subscriptions to the online gambling platforms. Players who are interested in just signing up and trying out the new online gambling platforms have started realizing its advantages. In fact, with the numerous forms of internet gambling that will emerge, there will be numerous new companies interested in investing in the New Jersey online marketing environment. In other words, New Jersey has drawn an outsized amount of investment attention

Casinos working hard to launch on time

A report from The Press of Atlantic City newspaper indicated that David Rebuck, Director for the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) is confident that major Atlantic City casinos will become operational soon through the consistent assistance they are getting from the regulators. Moreover, the Atlantic City casinos are in the process of hiring suitable employees as they wait for the approval of their licenses.

Rebuck reiterated that his office has been continuously assisting these casinos as they go through the regulatory processes in readiness for the scheduled openings this year. The regulator is specifically helping the facilities by fast tracking the licensing process and assessing the operational systems, gaming equipment, security and surveillance to ensure that they comply with the regulatory standards in time.

NJDGE has to investigate the facilities’ areas of operations and pass the findings over to the New Jersey Casino Control Commission. Steven Ingis, Legal and Regulatory Services Vice-president at the Spectrum Gaming Group and a long-time employee of the state’s Casino Control Commission told the newspaper that the regulators are trying to expedite the investigations. Furthermore, Daniel Heneghan, the Casino Control Commission spokesman told the newspaper that the regulator is working hard to complete the investigations and submit a comprehensive report in a timely manner. Additionally, Heneghan added that once the commission receives the report from the NJDGE it will conduct hearings and make informed decisions expeditiously.

NJDGE is currently inviting racetracks, casinos and online gambling websites in New Jersey to formally apply for betting operator licenses. Rebuck has made it clear that entrepreneurs interested in the betting industry can as well invest in the New Jersey online gambling market. The regulator is open to accepting applications.

The role of NJDGE

NJDGE has been ensuring the integrity of the gaming industry in New Jersey since 1977, and is part of the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety. Therefore, it has an oversight, licensing and regulatory role to play when it comes to the casino’s or gaming operations in the state including the New Jersey online gambling websites. The Supreme Court ruling expected to define the way forward for the gambling environment in New Jersey this summer has immeasurable effects on the emerging online gambling sector in the state.

Furthermore, Congressman Frank Pallone Jr. has introduced a new legislation to congress that is intended on repealing the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) that illegalizes issuance of licenses to casinos across all states except Nevada. All these efforts are aimed at catapulting the online gambling industry in New Jersey and create employment opportunities for several young people.


The legal online gambling industry in New Jersey is expected to be more dynamic in 2018 than in 2017. A 2017 review called the Performance of New Jersey’s legal Online Casinos concluded the following:

• Regulated online gambling has inevitably contributed to the growth of physical casinos in the city
• New brands and games boosted the growth of online gambling in 2017
• The introduction of newer games, additional brands and reliable payment methods will help raise the 2018 revenue record.
Chris Grove, an industry expert who authored the review said that since online gambling was regulated in 2013, it has been constantly growing and 2017 was the highest revenue record ever achieved in the recent past. In addition, he mentioned that regulated online gambling has helped sustain the economy of Atlantic City. The report is a clear indicator that regulated online gambling casinos and poker websites are the bedrock of the future economy of New Jersey.
The report had the following findings:
• The online gambling industry in New Jersey collected $42.98 million in 2017 amounting to $126.5 million since it was launched in 2013.
• Casino games generated $221.3 million that is an equivalent of 30% up from 2016.

• Online poker fell by 8.5% from $27.2 million to $24.3 million in 2016.

Grove emphasized that the introduction of new games and friendlier payment methods will be the driving engines behind the expected 2018 growth. Moreover, the viral marketing awareness programs launched by major brands promoting their new games will also attract new consumers as the year progresses. The advancements in technology and the proliferation of mobile devices such as laptops, smart phones, and tablets will also contribute to the quick espousal of the legal online gaming platforms in New Jersey.

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