Century Casinos Holding Its Own at Upcoming Conference

The Upcoming Sidoti Conference and a Few Things One in Attendance Can Come to Expect from It – As Well as U.S. Slots Players At Large!

March 29th’s New York City Sidoti Conference is already set to be all the rage for casino lovers everywhere, especially since recent news has just revealed that Century Casinos will be joining the action. Now it’s a party! Though the conference aims toward greater business endeavors within the world of gambling, it still offers a relational, laid-back vibe to those who will attend — along with a few slots of its own.

Those who endorse such games, after all, have to try them out for themselves and see if they’re any fun, thus putting themselves in the shoes of the potential consumers at large. So yes, there will be drinks and some new games to test at the conference; there will also be serious fiscal matters to attend to; but all in all, there should be a healthy balance of both, and that is the overall goal —- work hard, play hard! That’s the message this industry preaches to its players.

Several major U.S. news sources are already hosting their own press releases on the matter as it becomes more evident — and to some, more highly encouraging — that Century Casinos is adding itself to the list. One such major source headline may be seen here though there are countless others out and to be released soon. Follow the major news channels for more on the matter, inputting the words “Century Casinos”; new press is released every day until the event occurs on the 29th, and perhaps some will even come afterward to offer post-event insight and coverage altogether. Potential hopefuls, as they call them, are over-ecstatic with the news and only hope for the best.

Recent Issues Encountered but to Become Problems of the Past – After the New Event Ensues

The following server message was seen by Century’s staff when an online slots player had issues connecting his player’s wallet to his online funds, thus affecting what the quality of the bet would be as well. But the point is that internal issues like these, dealing with online play, are to be addressed soon at the conference. This will no longer pose problems for online players, hopefully. The sample error message follows; it is not precise but gives a mere idea of many’s recent online requests for support:

“Could you please turn off the iBbet requirement with your three slot picks (#40323, 40324, and 40326)? After reaching out to Century, it seems they told me I could ask you to turn it off since it is most likely erroneous….I tried reaching out to iBet itself, but it seems they are no longer contactable by any form and their “Contact/Support” page no longer exists, and they have no stated email address/phone number or other way to reach them. (Please feel free to verify this for yourself as well. I have checked it multiple times either way.)”

Many know other players had sent a few messages about this issue already, but it is an ongoing one that needs fixing — of which the player is not at fault in any way. iBet was not working, at the time, and one could not submit any bets to the client either, affecting business as well. Hopefully, this can be resolved soon, and one can submit these requests. “Thanks for your help…” was the message returned in reply as Century promised to further look into the issue. Whenever players or their major clients offer their feedback on the current system, it helps Century to better improve itself as well.

Crypto Gambling and More in the Works – Century Casinos off to a Great Start in New Ideas

Another concept to be further explored, or at the last touched-upon briefly, is that of cryptocurrency gambling or the ability to play with digital currency. The Century team would like to enlist expert help in this matter though it already poises great ideas of it’s own. Here’s a few to get started:

– Upcoming pre-sale/crowdfund launch coverage

– Benefits of trading/investing through Carats.io, over regular diamond or cypto exchanges altogether….

– In-depth evaluation of platform and its internal process – how it plays out throughout each transaction

– The unique advantages of such

– Carats.io’s AI — or machine-learning tech. for instant updates: an inside look

– The ERC-20 ETH token itself (analysis on functionality from multiple points) and what a partnership might entail here

– ICO roadmap & team members’ strategy to “get there!” (if Century should start its own token)

Hopefully, these are some good starts. When would all this begin? These plans are set to near-future, within this next decade. Please let the team know if you would be available to work with them on this or know of both gambling, currencies, digital transaction or a bit of each.

Other Plans in the Works, of Which Century Casinos Plans to Further Elaborate Upon At the Event

  • The team will also strive to write in a way that is simple and casual, as if they’re talking to a friend, in an effort to make their current blog more exciting and engaging to their readers! Keep this in mind while editing your own blog: It would be really great to have a more engaging opening paragraph, as well as to use keywords!!! They have already written a great content press release on the topic “Century Casinos to present at Sidoti Conference”, as well as several others seen on the blog page, but they can always use more effective marketing within their approach. This they plan to speak more on.
  • In addition, the company’s overall Media and PR strategy will envelope a closer look — especially as it relates to the consumers and competitors alike. 

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