My Favorite Games Have The Worst Odds

games-with-bad-oddsYou should go to the casino to have fun, and perhaps win a little money, in that order. However, you cannot win more often than you lose with no regard to the game you play or it is just not as much fun. You may think that you are bad at certain games, and although that may be true, they are not going to have incredibly bad odds. With that said, each one is designed to make sure that you are not going to win anything big in the long run or the casinos would be out of business.

You can visit any real online casino and have fun gambling, even with a bonus, but please do not think that you have a special secret strategy, or that you have some kind of power of the numbers short of Lady Luck herself on your shoulder.

Roulette Is All Chance, Really.

You cannot play Roulette and somehow trick the dealer or the scientific laws of randomness. The dealer simply takes the bets and spins the wheel, then nature or fate does the rest. There is absolutely no skill involved in playing the game. It is essentially a guessing game. You may think that you have some skill in playing the right numbers, but these are all percentages that you cannot count on from spin to spin to always pan out. The dealer has no idea where the wheel will go, and nobody else does, either. There used to be a story about some crooks who where able to use a laser to read the wheel before the ball landed but that would be the only exception.

Sure It Looks Cool and It’s Fun…

I think Roulette looks really cool from just about any angle. They purposefully put it up front when you first walk into the casino because I am not the only one. Seeing people will huddle around the wheel and wait for their number to come up, and when it does, the cheers that can be heard from across the room entices new gamblers to step up and try their luck. Sure, somebody wins just about every spin, but that does not mean that you are going to win when you bet. If you stand at the wheel, you will find that you see more losers than winners every single night, with the black and red betters at best getting a 98% payback. Most people leave the table disappointed, and you simply cannot have that, so they put the slots right next to the tables where big winners are born!

Just Like Roulette, Only Newer

The thing about slot machines is that they get a bad rap because they have the lowest odds in the house. People say that slot machines are only played by old people who do not have anything else to do when they are in the casino but blow their retirement money. This may be true, but they don’t mind playing the slots hoping for just one jackpot that could change their life. Aside form these extremely rare progressive jackpot winners, playing Roulette is no different. You may feel fly wearing your tuxedo and hanging out at the Roulette wheel, but you will not be able to win enough cash any more frequently than you would if you were sitting at a slot machine like a hundred-year old tourist.

Remember, There Are Skills You Can Use

Sure there are basic strategies to spinning the reels, like betting on all lines and not betting too much at a time, or too fast, but they do not always work. All the time you may have worried about your skills to learn the in’s, out’s and odd’s at the Roulette table could have been be used for other pursuits like enjoying the game in the present.

How I Feel About It: Enjoy the Now

When you play random games, like online slots and roulette, you should be able to just sit back and relax while playing them. Having the feeling like, “I could have spun better, or I could have picked better numbers” is never going to be true.

All the other common table and card games such as Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat have real strategies and involve honing ones skills to master. You are playing other opponents and the house rather than the odds. When you play Roulette, you are playing a wheel that is completely unpredictable, thus random. You have to play games against a real person if you want to have a chance at raising your odds of success to the point where it would become sustainable or career worthy. Otherwise, just enjoy playing win or lose.

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Jared Bates

I have been working in, and with different casinos for over twenty years, and as such I have seen many things happen to gambling online and offline. From Vegas to Atlantic City, and small places in between, my passion lies with games where I can win money.

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