Every Poker Game Has Its Day: Three Card

People playing 3 card poker at a tableBlackjack and Poker have consistently been popular games, they however have dominated two different arenas entirely. While 7-card Stud and 5-card Draw tables exist in casinos, they’ve mostly thrived where games are composed of either tight-knit friends in an in-house environment, or at the High Roller’s table where competitive and serious player risk hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a single hand. Blackjack is a great way to play one’s luck without having to wade through the shark tank; but racing up to 21 over and over again can start to become a little dull.

Combining the impartiality of a versus dealer setup like online blackjack, with the familiar poker rules is the new format rapidly catching on. Three Card Poker is an American casino and old-time gambling hall exclusive that is great when enjoyed in groups while still being an exceptionally fair game for a talented lone gambler or the only serious one in a group of laughing friends. Next time you are at your favorite casino in Las Vegas, or maybe trying one of the casinos in Boston, New York, or New Jersey, consider sitting down at a 3-card table instead of the Texas Hold ‘Em pit.

Why Is 3-card Poker Becoming So Popular?

3 card or Tri-Card is extremely fun, while not requiring a group of individuals to out-shark each other the same way 7-card Stud or any other non-versus dealer based game would. The smaller hands ensures for more round variety and greater odds of getting the coveted “mini-flush.”

While the standard game is very popular on its own, the availability to conduct what is called PairPlus play alongside a standard game makes this form of poker enticingly social. PairPlus involves betting on getting a pair or better rather than trying to bet out the dealer. Cruise ships like the Holland America and Carnival Cruise lines, in addition to many Casinos firmly planted on the ground, love offering 3 Card Poker with optional PairPlus play so that couples can take turns risking big against the dealer while the other enjoys the 1 to 1 odds of PairPlus betting.

Despite being such a social and lighthearted game, it is surprisingly fair, which makes a competitive gambler feel right at home beside their friends playing PairPlus and crossing their fingers. Even a pro might enjoy taking a hand or two of PairPlus after a particularly devastating hand in standard play.

Where Can I Play 3 Card?

Found in many of the Native American casinos along California, 3 card can also be found in many larger casinos along the east coast and can be found anywhere in Vegas after it exploded in the past two years. For anyone who can’t enjoy the game locally, many new USA casinos online (see here) have started to offer real money tables, but even then, I play with friends— it’s best that way for me. For real money online Tri-Card Poker in the USA Bovada casino is the best choice hands down.

For individuals in the Las Vegas area, a great place to start playing is the Imperial Palace which is now known as The Quad, where tables have a small 10 dollar minimum. Gamblers looking to enjoy the best payouts (and take some serious risks) are encouraged to play at the Aria, the Wynn, or the Bellagio that have tables with 25 dollar minimum ante and better PairPlus returns for higher hands.

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I have been working in, and with different casinos for over twenty years, and as such I have seen many things happen to gambling online and offline. From Vegas to Atlantic City, and small places in between, my passion lies with games where I can win money.

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