Facebook’s First Real Money Casino

 “Black Hoodies and White Togas”

Real Money Casinos FacebookIt was almost a year ago when Mark Zuckerberg made his famous fashion faux pas by wearing a hooded black sweatshirt to business meetings ahead of the fated Facebook IPO. Some passed it off as a lack of maturity while others embraced his refreshing spin on business attire. As it turns out, the “hoodie” wasn’t the only faux pas to be made related to the IPO.

The strained relationship between the Nasdaq and Facebook is no secret, but there are still countless lawsuits in litigation as well. Were too many shares offered at too high a price? Was it more greed, more evil empire, and more whining from the sore losers on Wall Street what tried to bury the hatchet? What did they expect from an overnight billionaire wearing a black hooded sweatshirt to greet investors?

Fast forward to present day. While Facebook stock still hovers near unimpressive levels, Zuckerberg’s luck continues to skyrocket. Now arm in arm with his college sweetheart as the Mrs., we can only hope the newly crowned “First Lady of Tech” will inspire some new fashion choices in the young founder and CEO.

Lucky in love and now lucky at the casino… only time will tell?

Well, Zuckerberg’s not playing craps on the strip, but he’s betting that you will gamble on Facebook games with real money. They already have launched real money online gambling on Facebook in the UK. In collaborations with 888 and Zynga a crossed the pond, Facebook will have developers ready and able to move into the US market. In addition 888 is now the first group to be fully licenced to offer online gambling, only two months after the legislation passed.

We know you have been waiting with baited breath for the white togas. We are not suggesting Zuckerberg’s new summer wardrobe or even reenacting scenes from a college frat party. White togas are the themed costumes famously worn on the casino floor of Caesar’s Palace. Caesars Interactive Entertainment  is joining EA games to launch a World Series of Poker branded game for Facebook. It will be one of the first games available for real money play on Facebook in the US.

A possible outcome of Facebook welcoming revenue from the online gambling industry, is a faster increase in legislation among states to also allow these online casinos. Developers in the industry are gearing up for mobile casino play and Facebook has all of their bases covered in that category too.

Facebook is unleashing a new app on Google Play for April 2013 called “Facebook Home”. It will fully integrate all of your Facebook information onto your Android smartphone. With all of your contacts, photos, posts, and games all synced and linked up, it will be easier to play Facebook gambling games on smart phones. This first release will not have the casino available as there are still too many loopholes to be closed. In the future this will include the casino games you play for real money on your Facebook page as this where all mobile gaming is headed in 2013.

Zuckerberg is ironically private and famously low key for being the founder and CEO of the largest social media network around. He will undoubtedly be spending more time in a hoodie playing slots for real cash than he will be surrounded by white toga clad cocktail waitresses in Vegas. If you had billions of dollars in liquid money and no where to spend it what would you do?

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I have been working in, and with different casinos for over twenty years, and as such I have seen many things happen to gambling online and offline. From Vegas to Atlantic City, and small places in between, my passion lies with games where I can win money.

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