Where Online Mobile Casinos are Headed for US Players: A Metamorphosis

Real Money Casinos Online are Going Mobile, but Where is the USA?

It came as no surprise to most online gamblers when Facebook released its first online casino in 2014 to the public. The prospect of the venture was being tossed around from well before 2014, we all knew that it was merely a matter of time. They also decided that their online casinos would not be available to US players until the legislation is finished.

Just because there are a few new legalized online gambling bills enacted, Facebook and Google+ do not want to get involved in these legalities, and neither would I for that matter as it is extremely complicated. In 2016 these real money games are accessed online via mobile phones or on computers are located in regions that support the new format.

SlotlandonlinecasinoreviewinfoWill the US enact legislation to enable these types of online gambling establishments in 2014? Yes, and Slotland mobile casino is currently the top rated site in America. Looking for the best real money USA online casinos? See more here.

I thought that online casinos and slots were already legal in the US…

Mobile Casino Slots Phone

In most states they are, but not because gambling online is legal there per se. It is because they are not really a casino depending how you look at it. If a player makes their first deposit to the casino using a Visa credit card, they can back charge that deposit amount to their credit card company. This gives them the deposit back, effectively making it not gambling at all. What makes this really bad is that person/player that back charged the deposit will be automatically banned from online casinos for life. In addition they will ban the IP address and sometimes take legal action, because the person/player played the games with out buying them. Then the casino transmits this info to all the payment processor around the world, banning their transactions to different casinos as well. This is essentially how to never be allowed to play for real money again…anywhere.

Now, the online casinos have the freedom to pay winners from the US because they are cash prizes. Since the money was not really wagered by the definition of the law, they are free to do so. Some of the most popular places to find them are: www.onlinecasino.com and www.casinobonusandfreechip.com and www.usacasinoreview.com where new members can find reviews and bonus codes for them, and explore the opportunity to gain more knowledge about them from trusted sources in the industry.

Slotland.com has just paid out a staggering $56,000 in VIP bonuses in its annual “Whale of the Year” contest. Thirty slots game players received prizes in the year-long contest for VIP players with the most deposits made in 2012, 2013, and 2016. Top winners Carol S. received a whopping $15,000 and John H. found an extra $10,000 in his account this New Years.

Slotland VIPs get bigger monthly bonuses, their weekly draw tickets are doubled and they get a bonus up to $150 bonus for every $1000 they deposit. Any Slotland.com player can become a VIP member but joining the exclusive VIP community isn’t automatic. Most that qualify are contacted by Slotland’s VIP staff. However, high depositing players can contact vip@slotland.com to request VIP privileges.”

“We do special kinds of bonuses for all kinds of players,” said Slotland Manager Michael Hilary, “We’re really grateful to all the VIP players that have stuck with us for so long. We look forward to this time of year when we have some extra rewards specially for them – I guess they look forward to it too! $15,000 is a pretty hefty bonus!”

Slotland now has twenty-eight one of a kind real money online slots. The new Ice Queen slots game introduced before Christmas is a delightful visual fantasy based on the classic children’s fairy tale. In the Bonus Round an icy wonderland is revealed where players shatter ice statues guarding the Ice Queen’s treasure to win bonus prizes.

Most of Slotland’s online slot games are tied to one progressive jackpot that’s currently over $215,000 – higher than it’s ever been before. Slotland’s jackpot is hit so frequently it’s usually won before it gets much more than $150,000. Previously, the largest jackpots ever were in March 2009 when a British dad won just over $200,000 playing Heavy Metal and in November 2011 when an American player won $207K playing Treasure Box.

Real gambling players now like to go for wins playing on mobile platforms like iPhones, tablets and android phones. Once again, the is the newest type of delivery to the public, and America must want to get involved soon. The Borgata Casino in AC has already integrated their online gaming systems available in every room. Guests simply make a deposit with a credit card or cash at the front desk and obtain a pass-key to access the real money slots and casino games from their hotel rooms.

Another option would be to use a no deposit bonus for Slotland Casino by clicking the banner at the top of this page or in the review. This will let the new member sign up and play with free chips before making a deposit. What is even more attractive is their casino bonus has the lowest amount of spins to cash it out, thereby adding additional money to the account with very good odds. Currently, they have the only real money casino app for slots in the USA.

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