Bill on the Table to Legalize Casino Gambling in Georgia

Georgia lawmakers could be taking a serious look this summer at legalizing and opening new avenues for casino gambling in Georgia. A constitutional amendment introduced into the State House of Representatives by representative Ron Stephens to ask Georgia voters to ratify this measure.

This can also boost the east-cost USA gaming industry by a steep 40% revenue initially, which should be considered good news to much of the wagering world. Proponents of casino gambling are expected to pitch the measure as a way to raise money for education and widespread funding of scholarship programs.

Legislation that would open the door for more than six high rise casino resorts in Georgia will be introduced in the State House.The measures would generate $250 million dollars a year a sufficient amount to support the HOPE scholarship, according to a Briefing paper obtained by the Atlanta Journal-constitution. A resort destination has been way over due to get tourists into Georgia and their dollars to fund higher education.

Should the proposed bill be passed, local governments would have the option of asking their voters to allow 6 casinos to be constructed in the area. The whole state would be partitioned into five zones and would be surveyed and overseen by the Georgia lottery Co-operation. Activities of the then affirmed casinos would be followed up to maintain the rules and regulations structured by the state of Georgia lottery Co-operation.

To prove how committed they are, casino developers would be required to invest $1 billion in the Atlanta area and another $200 million for a license sought in other parts of the state. This appears as much of a stunt to pull off some of the cash piled by casinos, but the same amounts were paid in Massachusetts. If they do it will be with in months that the first casino could be functioning.

The long road to legalizing casino gambling is well traveled in Georgia. One recent effort to put up a casino resort in DeKalb county fizzled out when running into fierce opposition from the Georgia lottery board among a list of many other parties who were against the proposed idea. The poll, taken at a time in January, found that 57 percent of poll respondents would choose to give out their votes for the cause that the constitution allows casino resorts to benefit non-profits charities.


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