Slots Variance and Volatility Explained

Some people say there is no strategy to playing slots.

This is completely untrue. Your slot strategy is just that..a plan for you to make the most of your deposit and hopefully make a withdrawal of your big win.

What I like about good RTG casinos is that they tell you the slots variance or volatility, not all do. The best slot strategy is to understand how slots work and how slot payouts are measured. After this article you will know what slot strategy works for you and you will be able to play longer and win more. When you feel comfortable knowing how you are going to approach the slots and you are ready to start playing with real money online, a good resource of USA casinos that have high variance to simple 3 reel slots is right here on Mobile Casino Party as you may have already seen!

Lets go over a few key details first:

1. Slot machine variance is rated from Low-Very High and corresponds to the likely hood of multiplying your bet.

2. Low variance means you will have many small hits, but the bigger ones (1,000 times bet) are more rare. Low variance can be said to offer the greatest amount of playtime. Many slot players consider low variance to play out their wagering requirements after hitting a big win and adjust their slot strategy accordingly.

3. High variance means you have a greater chance of hitting a larger multiplier, but you will see less small wins over the same period of time on a low variance machine. You odds of hitting something 1,000 X bet becomes much more likely.

Betting low on a high variance slot, and betting high on a low variance slot is the most common approach for veteran players who want to minimize risk and maximize playtime.

So in the end your slot strategy your choice of how much to bet knowing the general odds of the machine in question. Now that you have the facts. Here is my strat…

With a low bank roll a high variance slot can eat it all up in the matter of minutes, yet it could pop a huge win right away. For my style I play high variance slots until I hit something good, then I grind my wagering requirements down with a medium or lower variance slots.

Its so much fun to play low volatility knowing that it is likely I’ll get back the same amount I put in after hitting a high volatility win! This is called grinding it out.

First I decide how much I want to cash out (target).

1. I start with Triple Twister or any 50 line slot. All 50 line slots are very high variance. Hopefully I hit something big right away, but if not I will only spend 1/2 of my bank roll there.

2. Win or lose its time to go medium variance. White Rhino is my favorite medium volatility slot but any 25 line slot should be between medium low – medium high variance.  Again, either its going to be a big win or I’m down to 25% of my bank roll.

3. If any win hit or went over my cash out target or if I’m down to my last $25 it is time to play 20 line slots at lower bet sizes, maybe only $.40 or $.20 a spin.

4. If I get back to 50% of my original bank roll or more I’ll play a higher variance slot and try to hit my target win.

I know using this simple slot strategy to manage your bank roll will help you hunt that huge win and maybe even take home some of that progressive jackpot. When you are ready to try online slots as a new player at one of our casinos consider using a bonus code from our real slots rating page to increase the amount of money you start with by clicking here or go out to your local casino and show those machines who’s boss.

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Jared Bates

I have been working in, and with different casinos for over twenty years, and as such I have seen many things happen to gambling online and offline. From Vegas to Atlantic City, and small places in between, my passion lies with games where I can win money.

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