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On March 4, 2015
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Good stuff: Easy to Beat Bonuses, Trusted Company Name (G-Wages), iPhone and Samsung Friendly, High-Payback RTG Games

Not So Good Stuff: First Withdraw Takes 5 Working Days to Approve, No Live Dealers (Yet), Nexus is the Only Android Device Supported

Palace ofPalace of Chance Online Casino Review Chance Casino is all about virtually duplicating a Las Vegas experience from the privacy of your home and they do a pretty good job at it. From the realistic game play to the chance of winning big, Palace of Chance Casino has all the important features of an online casino with a number of added extras that maximize your fun and gambling excitement.

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  • If you thought playing casino games online is complicated, having to deal with downloading and installing software and all the associated problems, Palace of Chance Casino’s Instant Play option lets you start playing immediately.
  • If you thought gaming online is filled with financial dangers and computer security issues, Palace of Chance Casino takes those concerns away with a safe and secure Internet experience that provides the player with a trouble free playing environment.
  • If you thought online gaming software is slow and visually second-rate, Palace of Chance Casino has created an aesthetically pleasing and fast paced site to keep the games rolling along.
  • If your computer happens to be a Mac, no need to move on and look for another gaming site. Their software is both Windows and Mac compatible and as long as you have a standard browser that can run Flash-based applications, you are ready to go.

Now let’s talk about the games. When I talked about a Las Vegas type experience, what could be more Vegas than being able to play Texas Hold ‘Em Poker? Yet that is not their most popular game played. That honor goes to the traditional Blackjack. There is also Vegas Three Card Rummy to complete the Vegas experience.

Of course, you cannot talk about an online casino without including the wide range of slot machines Palace of Chance Casino offers. One game that is growing in popularity is Lucky 8, and there are a number of regular favorites such as Sevens and Stripes, Pharaoh’s Gold, and Hillbillies.

What has been added to the slot machine list is the option to play games that have random jackpots. There are minor and major jackpots that become available at random in some of their most popular games such as Dream Run, The Elf Wars, and Coat of Arms. Some people may say these are features not found even at many Las Vegas casinos!

When we are talking about slots, we must include the always popular video poker machines. They have bonus poker options, but their most popular play is Aces and Eights. But the serious video poker players should know that their selection of video poker machines is somewhat smaller than many other online casinos.

Earlier it was mentioned that player safety and security were major concerns for online casino players, especially those who are playing for the first time. Online security starts with the user interface – the place where the player interacts with the computer. Palace of Chance Casino offers the most secure software to assure its players that coming to the site is not a matter of chance, but an environment of safe and fair game play. Not only are your transactions kept secure but all of your personal information is a matter of major importance to the casino. As a matter of policy, Palace of Chance Casino will never sell your personal information to third parties, so you can be safe and spam free when choosing to play.

Depositing money is always a concern for players, whether it is the safety or ease of making a deposit. Palace of Chance Casino allows you to deposit money in many forms, including VISA, MasterCard, and NetTeller. They also recommend using a pre-paid credit card, which often solves the problem of rejected standard credit cards. If you have any questions or problems with a deposit, there is a dedicated number you can call to resolve any issues.

Withdrawing money from your real money account takes about two weeks, and has a maximum limit of $2,000 per week, subject to the rules and regulations set forth by the casino. Generally, it is painless and you are notified of any rejection of a withdrawal request within 72 hours.

Deposits and withdrawals are two of the biggest issues with players and online casinos. The support that comes with playing at Palace of Chance Casino is first rate, with a combination of e-mail, live chat, and telephone support that is available 24/7. That means you can play any time of the day or night, at a time that is convenient for you.

One thing that should be mentioned here that many casinos seem to overlook is the subject of fair play. All of the games at Palace of Chance Casino are certified, which means that you can play any game knowing that every spin of the wheel and every roll of the dice is fair. The casino is legally licensed and fully insured.

So it is a fair question to ask why should someone who is looking to play at an online casino choose Palace of Chance? One of the bigger problems I have is the limited number of video poker options. I am an avid video poker player, and turn to slots only when my luck is running bad at the poker machines. But other than that, I have no real complaints about the RTG powered games in general.

The biggest advantage I find is the extra effort the casino has made to assure players of fair play and safe gaming. While I go to the casino to relax (and yes, I try to win too) the issue of whether I am at a site that might scam me or give my personal information away or not treat me fairly when I have a problem is critical. When I win I expect to get paid within a reasonable time. I did balk at how long it takes to get my money in hand – two weeks. But I can live with that knowing that the casino is taking extra steps to make sure everything is done right, which is something I believe Palace of Chance Casino has worked hard to do.

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Good stuff: Easy to Beat Bonuses, Trusted Company Name (G-Wages), iPhone and Samsung Friendly, High-Payback RTG Games

Not So Good Stuff: First Withdraw Takes 5 Working Days to Approve, No Live Dealers (Yet), Nexus is the Only Android Device Supported
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 7 reviews
by Linda Kantor on Palace of Chance Casino
Palace of Chance

I won 2k in October.....took forever for them to even explain to me what papers I had to fax to get my winnings. It is now 12/2 and I have not gotten my money. According to my account at POC it has been okayed and I should have received it. I email every day.......go to Facebook and send messages. I get no answer. I have played there for years but never won like this before. I am so mad!!

Please let us know when you get paid. They said there are delays but most players have been paid. Also pos is not as good as others at being on time....

by Choo chee seong on Palace of Chance Casino
Palace of Chance Casino

Everything good


Not bad wish there were more bonuses

by Scones007 on Palace of Chance Casino
POC my Favorite online casino

I have been playing online casinos for a few years. I play at 6 different casinos that all will pay you your winnings. POC however seems to have the best staff & IMO the best slots that seem to payout more frequently than other sites. They do their part spot on as far as the withdraw process goes, & the time it takes to be approved. They say two weeks & they are approved in two weeks as long as all your paper work is complete. Without that no online casino will pay you. What makes them stand out as they will notify you ASAP if something is not complete, there are some that wait until you contact them ,& then the whole process time starts over to day 1. Keep in mind that once it is approved you still have at best another 2 - 4 weeks before you'll actually recieve your check. That must be deposited NOT CASHED. Why? I have no idea...There are a few more things you should know, while most online casinos have a max withdraw $2,000-2,500 per week, I have yet to get approved for much more than 1,200 at a time. They will split the 2,500 into two staggered withdraws. I cannot say this goes for POC as $1,500 was the most I withdrew at 1x & it was approved less the bonus which is totally fair. All the good casinos that I play at have the same rules & lengthy time it takes to get paid, but the others even can take longer to get paid & are not as friendly explaining to you all the fine print details. I am waiting on payouts from all 5 casinos at present, all are approaching the 30day mark since they were APPROVED. Not real happy about that but not panicking yet, as POC explained the steps it goes through once approved including the time for overseas shipping. Once the first check comes the others come much faster I am told.In the end I hope this helps explain the withdraw process a little better, because its easier to tolerate if one knows in advance. POC is on top of their game running this casino site! They'd get 5stars if they could only speed up this first withdraw process.

No deposit bonus is waste of time

Intoksikuotas: Hello, I'm writting about my bonus restrictionIntoksikuotas: It appears that withdrawal of my unlocked bonus is not possible because of restrictionsPhoebe: Hello, thank you for the information!Phoebe: Allow me one moment please, while I check your account.Intoksikuotas: however in advertising where i obtained the bonus code there were no information about any restrictions. As well choice of REAL money play on log in made it understandable that gambling isn't out of funPhoebe: For your location, it is not allowed to use a no deposit code as your first transaction in the casino.Phoebe: This is in the terms and condition.Phoebe: For your reference here's a link to the terms and conditions page of our website:Phoebe: So then why have you allowed to do itIntoksikuotas: why my bonus code was accepted?Phoebe: Because you can redeem them, but not as your first transaction. The Terms and Conditions are agreed to upon signup.Intoksikuotas: Yes, but I'm from location where i can't redeem them as first transactionIntoksikuotas: why system allowed me to?Intoksikuotas: Your system sees my locationPhoebe: Correct, this is in the Terms and Conditions agreed to upon signup, it is the players responsability to play by the terms and conditions. The system is not desgined to restrict the redemption per country.Intoksikuotas: So you didn't design the system to make redemption restrictions per country, so you could allow people to play from no deposit bonus without knowing they play for "fun money" so that if they lose , they would get attracted to your casino to deposit money?Intoksikuotas: As well in T&A's it is written : You can contact us in order to appeal for any country based restriction(s). The casino shall assess your account and make the final call based on your case.Intoksikuotas: why you don't mention this?Phoebe: •Players from certain countries will not be able to make use of free chips provided by the casino. You may view all country restrictions in this PDF document or you can download it in MS Word format to check your status.Phoebe: You didn't answer my questionsIntoksikuotas: And your answer doesn't fit my question

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