Top 8 Successful Betting Strategies for Slots

200390773-001If you only play online slots, traditional ones, or both… using my top 8 slots strategy tips can get you more money!

On a whole, gamblers are an optimistic bunch who are always looking for ways to gain an advantage over the house. We want to bring skill and talent to the table even when the game is completely random. Through our own random acts and starts, we can effect the randomness of the games… right?

Slot machines are particularly susceptible to this type of behavior from gamblers. Whether it is online or on the casino floor, players try to coax and imbue luck to the certainly living heart and souls of the slot machines they are playing. Some of us are a truly passionate bunch.


I will acknowledge that most slot machines do have one single advantage over other games. Since online casino slots are set to have a certain payout on the dollar dependent on the local gaming laws, at least you know what your getting yourself into beforehand. The average slot machine payout is around eighty nine cents to the dollar in the US. In short, for every dollar that you gamble you will win eighty nine cents back. While this does not guarantee you will win anything, it can help you judge whether or not you’re on a hot streak or just plain ice cold.

Which brings us to our first successful betting strategy for slots. When I go to a familiar casino, I tend to play games that have paid me before. I feel like I have built a rapport with the games that I have previously won on. I know that they aren’t stagnate and, at the very least, they are physically functional. I will even sit in the same seat that I have in the past if it still there. I have heard other players refer to these slot machines as the “ATM”, but I just call them my current “Go To”. Understandably, these machines are a good strategic place to start since they worked in the past.

My second strategy that has been working, is to start off on a lower bet with max lines. Unless there is a benefit to playing a max bet, I generally start off with a 2x bet of what I am comfortable with, or as it indicates on the slot. This strategy works because it gives you more spins overall and generally more opportunities to win. New online slots typically have a lower bets so this can be altered depending on how much money you are bringing to the table… I mean the machine. Then, as I begin winning more and my bank roll increases, I also start to increase the bet. It makes strategic sense to bet in the same ratio as your bank roll increases if your looking to hit the very high figures.

There are some slot machines however, that require a maximum bet to trigger a feature or to be eligible for a progressive jackpot. In this scenario, the best strategy is to always bet the maximum. I also employ this strategy if I have been at the same machine for some time and feel like a feature or bonus is long overdue. Otherwise, I gradually increase and decrease my wager based on my earnings and how hot or cold the machine is acting.

Strategy number four is definitely one of my favorites. The purpose here is infusing the slot machine with your power to bring luck and ultimately win more real money. This strategy also applies to the reverse, where the player absorbs the luckiness from the slot machine or online game itself. Through will power and mental diligence, one can alter the future of the spinning reels just before it actually happens. You can almost feel it…

While there are often times when I get “good vibes” from certain machines, I also believe that I can perceive when a slot machine has gone cold. It actually feels unlucky to me. I know that it sounds insane but, I have seen far more illogical behavior than that with my own two eyes. I have seen players trying to coax, commune with, and otherwise Jedi mind trick their slot machines into a payday.

There are also the aggressive button pushers. Trust me, it doesn’t matter how hard you bash in the buttons, you are likely to loosen a connection in the game before you’d summon a jackpot with brute strength. Even the dainty “bring your stuffed animals and put them on top of the slot your playing” lady has been seen thwarting her purse in angry circle while cursing at the screen of an innocent casino game. Unfortunately, that does not stop people from trying.

Then there’s the screen rubbers…

Hilarious and awkward. If rubbing, pressing, nudging your hands over the screen never has any functionality in the game, why continue trying it over and over again to make the bonus symbols line up? You know that particular slot machine isn’t influenced by your strokes when you spin the reel yet, you continue to get weird with it anyway. That makes me feel uncomfortable and I have to move away from my potentially jackpot winning slot machine when someone is doing this right next to me. I do love going out to the casino, but I guess we can add weirdos to the list of reasons why playing slots for money online at home is so much fun too.

The fifth strategy for slot machine success pertains only to brick and mortar casinos. The design of the casino floor and often the table game and slot machine placement are very purposeful. Never play the slot machines that are the closest to the restrooms or directly near the exits for a couple of reasons. First, the casino doesn’t want people clogging up the exits and entrances when someone hit something big. Not only is it a safety hazard, but they want people to walk further on to the gaming floor where their money is at risk! Some people believe, and I am one of them, that these machines are for stealing those last few dollars before you leave and head home.

Any strategy that you can employ while gambling that prolongs your fun and entertainment is a successful one. One strategy that keeps me having fun on the slot machines is to just stop. Once in a while, it’s a good idea to get up and go outside, stretch, and enjoy some fresh air. Moderation is key in many aspects of indulgences, and some say to life itself. Sometimes, when you take a break, you may find that you have played far longer than you expected. Casino floors are smartly designed to keep you distracted from your own needs like hunger and need for sleep.

Taking the opportunity to assess the situation throughout your time spent gambling is a good idea. Use factors like how much you have lost or won as markers for when to take breaks. A few moments away from gambling can stop the rapid fire max bet spins that often eat through a bank roll quickly. Maybe five hours of straight, non-stop, eye-pooping casino entertainment is enough after all? You just read the number 6 top strategy for winning at slots, so don’t expect too much more, there’s only 2 to go.

This one only works playing online casino slots, but it is a tried and true method. Using welcome casino bonuses you can get more money on your first deposit and increase their betting size to an amount that would most likely bankrupt them with the bonus. This is called the casino bonus gambling method and works best with very high values / deposits. Since the amount of the additional money is usual removed from subsequent cash outs, you really have to press the big “bet more key” to make this work for you. Also it is smart to check to make sure bet over $5 per spin are even allowed, as some USA online casinos do not let them exceed $5 or $6 while still tied to a bonus code.

Finally lucky #8. Consider this, there is nothing wrong with walking away with some of your initial gambling money still in your pocket at the end of the day. Just because you had a budget does not mean that you have to spend all of your cash though. The final successful betting strategy, in slot machines and any betting game, is being responsible enough to stop playing when the time is right.

Walking away during a hot streak can be especially challenging, but he good news is you will love the feeling you get from coming out on top. It always a lot better to walk away a winner, then to look back and say you could have stopped!

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