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Internet Gaming vs. Internet Lottery. Which Will Win Out in 2015?

Most Americans know the United States forefathers embodied strong religious principles. Naturally, these principles were wrought with implicit values condemning gambling of any kind. However, a number of English colony leaders allowed one gambling custom—the game of lottery. In fact, lotteries

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Iowa Lotto Employee Wins Big: Two Counts of Fraud

Not supposed to be doing something but can’t remember what it was? In this case a lottery employee forgot he was not allowed to play… The story is that a 14.3 million lottery jackpot went unclaimed for several years. An

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West Virginia’s Gambling Demise: An Inside Look at Legal State-Run Crime

I am writing this mostly to express my opinions and views from a gambler who lives in West Virginia. I have provided some facts and estimated numbers based on information that I have read, been told, and experienced. I am

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