Social Betting Company Bodugi Has License Revoked

Social Betting Site ClosedThe UK Gambling Commission has revoked Bodugi’s operating license. The group had previously had its license temporarily suspended, while an investigation into a number of concerns was carried out. Chief among the concerns was the apparent inability for gamers to be able to easily withdraw their winnings, but the Gambling Commission has also cited a lack of response to its requests for information as being pertinent in their decision to revoke the license.

Bodugi is a social betting platform that enables players to bet against friends, and connections within their online social networks. Bodugi games include greyhound racing game Traptastik, as well as a plugin for first person shooters that enables players to bet against their friends on the outcome of console and PC games.

As well as offering its service directly to consumers, the company has also licensed its gambling products to large UK organizations like William Hill and the Sun. However, it is believed that founders Michael Wilson and Dave Nevison were winding up the consumer focused side of operations to concentrate on the software licensing aspect of their organization.

The UK Gambling Commission announced in February that they were suspending the company’s license, and said at the time that it was an interim and precautionary measure while they investigated claims of players. A continued lack of response to the commission’s requests for information has further exacerbated complaints that gamblers were not able to withdraw the money that they were owed by the company. Litigation is still in process but players are expected to receive partial refunds.

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