Seems NJ Would Rather Have Legalized Weed

mileysmoking3New Jersey’s legalization of online casinos declines in the public eyes view

As we have covered before, this past November the state of New Jersey legalized internet gambling sites that operate within the state borders. Initially due to the local legalization, New Jersey has seen a rise in residents registered and playing in these new online casinos. However, more registered voters in the state have shown a decline in support since there legalization, with over half now being opposed.

This curious decline (over 50%) in voter support begs a few questions. Has something changed? Why are they no longer supporting it just months after its legalization even with word that the initial profit numbers where likely underestimated?

For one, there may be a concern from some New Jerseyans about the safety of the practice of wagering money from home. Others, after experiencing how dangerous they can be to players with addictive personalities, have changed their minds. Most of the games, especially the online slots are played much faster sometimes draining a bank account in hours, even though they generally have a higher payout.

Interestingly, a new poll from Farleigh Dickinson University PublicMind shows that residents of New Jersey would vote more favorably toward the legalization of marijuana than the continued legalization of online gambling. This could be due to the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington but it certainly speaks to what will come next.

Even with the decline of support for online gambling from interstate residents, New Jersey has a bill proposed that would allow its real money online casinos to be open to the entire world. That would soften the blow if a decline in sign ups follow. This bill comes with the assumption that the legalization will show increasing numbers of online casino players, which, as stated above, has already begun to happen. However, given the recent lack of support by voters, the assumption may have been made too early.

Atlantic City, New Jersey is a very popular tourist city, yet registered voters throughout the rest of New Jersey (women more than men), who voted to legalize gambling online seem to be changing their minds about whether this was good for their state in the long run.


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