Some Say the British are Better with Money than Americans, but Better at Poker As Well?

The U.S. just can’t catch a break! First only a couple of States legalized internet casinos when legislation initially targeted more than half of them, and now it turns out that the British are better gamblers than the rest of the world. Come on… really, you are just picking on the old English again!? Not at all, this does not have anything to do with sneering at the British although I do like that quite a bit more than I would admit here. The British actually lead in the World Series of Poker by percentage top place finishes from a single country divided by the number of participants from that country. I guess that suits their reputation of feeling like they are ahead in almost everything conceivable.

Not only are Brits good bankers, good with money, and complete grammar Nazi’s, they are amazingly good gamblers too. Looking back to my time spent in the UK I can say that I lost more games of chance than I won, by quite a bit, but I am really nobody. Someone important, like Sam Trickett for instance, recently won a million dollars in the World Poker Tour, not to bad. The awesome bluffer at poker is deemed to be one of the very best, not to mention the richest of all online poker players. His gaze alone has bankrupt more beginners than Donald Trump put out of business in the early 90’s.

Then Sam dominates three out of five top slots:

Out of five biggest poker wins, Sam Trickett has his name proudly written against three of them. Two of them are at the very top of the industry right now. The biggest win he has ever had is 10 million dollars in January 2014. That is a huge number, but surprisingly, he did not even come in first place. He had to pay a million dollar straight out of the pocket to play the World Poker Tour, and with his success, he increased his risky investment ten times fold.

pokerThe event took place in the City of Angels, Las Vegas where Sam though he could pull off a win against the very best, making him both very happy and filthy rich. Sam got second place but still holds the title of being one of the most successful poker players online and among the top five best poker players of all time. Antonio Esfandiari however stood at the top as an aftermath of the tour who took home 18 million dollars. He also won a total of one and a half million dollars in the Aussie Million Challenge taking place in the year 2011. For the Australian counterparts in this event, this rings some bells that they are lagging behind their arch rivals in something… finally.

David Chip Reese title goes to Britain:

Some may think of poker as waste of good and hard earned money for fun that lasts for as long as the game does. After that, it is all misery and regret. For some this is probably true, but the game does carry a tradition in America for the English just a small time ago. The age of honorary David Chip Reese who was a legendary player comes to mind. The event is named as “50k WSOP Players Championship”. Another Brit named Matthew Ashton turned the tables in some very tight games, with some of the very best poker players in the world. The year 2013 turned out being lucky, or maybe skillful, for Matthew reaching the finals in three and winning fourth place. How happy did he go home? $1,700,000 happier is the answer.

The EPT San Remo- Snatched by a Brit:

Another British named Liv Boeree gets $1.7 richer when the dust settles at the EPT San Remo main event. Seems like this happened as a long term, hard earned, late received gains for the efforts Liv made in promoting poker over the television years back.

Is There Still Hope for the USA?

Come on, let’s not play games unless we are in the casino. The red, white and blue will always be the king of Texas Hold ‘Em. For example, Ryan Riess of Michigan wins the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event for just over $8 million, so don’t pack your bags quite yet.

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Jared Bates

I have been working in, and with different casinos for over twenty years, and as such I have seen many things happen to gambling online and offline. From Vegas to Atlantic City, and small places in between, my passion lies with games where I can win money.

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