Large Fight Breaks Out in Resorts World Casino in Queens, NY

resorts world casino fight

A recent incident left a sour taste in the mouths of many casino-goers on April 3rd 2015. Visitors to Resort World Casino located in Queens, New York, witnessed a large-scale and violent brawl break out. Before the incident was over, several injuries were sustained with a great deal of property damage to the casino. Police were called to the scene. By the time the dust settled, three men were arrested and now face criminal charges, but as many as two dozen individuals were involved.

The fight broke out on a recent Friday evening in middle of the food court of Resort World Casino. Witnesses told reporters that the scene was reminiscent of a WWF production, with chairs flying and people joining in the mayhem. The disruption is believed to have been initiated in front of Fat Tuesday within the food court, where approximately 300 people were gathered. Witnesses told police that at the time the fight broke out, a line for the establishment was so long it extending outside of the building. The Fat Tuesday had only been open one week prior to the incident.

A portion of the fight was captured via cell phone videos, which show a chaotic scene of punches thrown in a seemingly indiscriminate manner and chairs soaring through the air. The footage relays a sense of panic, as many near the fighting struggled to flee the area. Upon early investigation, it appears that some of those injured were not participating in the fight, but were simply caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Witnesses to the scene told reporters that multiple people were filming the fight with their cell phones, but that no one seemed to be using their phones to contact the authorities to report the incident. As is so often the case, footage of the violent incident went viral overnight. The matter has garnered a great deal of attention on various social media sites, and was trending on Twitter the next day. Some people on those site are saying it was gang related.

The fight caused several thousands of dollars in damage within the food court area of the casino, the full extent of which has not yet been determined. One of the responding officers sustained an injury to his hand while working to contain the fighting. Three men were arrested, and face serious criminal charges in connection to the incident. Two were charged with disorderly conduct, while a third was arrested for the obstruction of governmental administration and resisting arrest in addition to disorderly conduct. As their cases move forward, additional details about the incident may become available.

When considering their many wagering options, many people choose to visit a brick-and-mortar casinos to have a more social experience. The ability to interact with others while enjoying an evening of gaming is appealing to many. There is no denying the fact that casinos have their own unique appeal, and many offer visitors something to remember. There are a number of downsides to spending time within a traditional casino, however some of them are not frequently considered. This is defiantly one of them.

This Video Contains Violent Language and Footage

Another video was recorded on phone and was posted on Instagram.

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