Homeless Woman Arrested For Murdering Poker Dealer “Elvis” Joe

4592362288386-600x336World Series of Poker dealer, “Elvis” Joe Levine, was found dead on Wednesday September 3rd, 2014. Police claimed that a homeless woman had shot the man late Wednesday night at his home in Las Vegas. Levine died of a gunshot wound to the chest at University Medical Center; he was 56 years old.

Levine was one of “World Series of Poker’s” most animated and fun to watch dealers. He was a dealer for almost 30 years; his death coming as a shock to those who knew him. The homeless woman responsible for his death, Marjorie Fiora, was taken into police custody shortly after Levine was found dead. She was scene at the crime with a double barreled shot gun by Levine’s brother, Arnold.

Arnold Levine told police that his brother had been inside cleaning when the woman came into the house and shot him in the chest. She had been swimming in the backyard pool with the two prior to the murder. She was a one of the many homeless people that Levine had befriended in order to offer help. According to Arnold, his brother had been nothing but nice to her and other homeless in the area, there was no reason for the murder.

She went into the house to change and that is when Arnold heard the gunshot. He raced into the house to see what was happened, which is when he saw the woman with a double barreled shot gun and his brother on the floor. Fiora, the 30 year old homeless woman, was then disarmed by Levine’s brother. Arnold told police that she was nude and began screaming “I have to kill him.” She then fled the scene and broke into a nearby store to steal a dress. Police found her several blocks away from Levine’s home and arrested her on home invasion, murder, and burglary charges.

The news of the death hit the poker community hard. Known as “Elvis Joe,” on World Series of Poker; Levine was one of the most favored dealers, his fan base and co-workers were devastated by the news of the murder. He was known mostly for his Elvis impersonations as well as his jokes and overall lively personality.

A memorial to honor the 56 year old’s memory took place in early October of 2014 at the SLS Vegas Hotel and Casino. Fans, friends, family, and co-workers all attended to share in his memory. During the ceremony Levine was honored by the HELP of Southern Nevada. This is an organization dedicated to helping prevent mental illness and homelessness specifically in Las Vegas.

Marjorie Fiora was a native of Georgia who had come to Las Vegas only to become homeless some more. She was one of several transients in the area that Levine would invite into his home to give a place to stay some nights, as Joe often did. She was convicted of first degree home invasion, first degree burglary, and first degree murder with a deadly weapon. After a recent psych evaluation concluded she was in control of her actions her next court appearance is due March 30th, 2015.

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