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mobile casino gamblingFor the average American who just wants to have a little casual fun gambling without going to a casino, the internet now offers many options. Most online gambling facilities are based out of state and in places such as Antigua because there are many areas in the U.S. where online gambling is still illegal. Although it is best to check the laws in your area if you want to start placing virtual bets, it is reported that some online casino sites do not adhere to rules and have “gone rogue”, so as an American you would have little recourse legally, the USA makes up for 70% of all online wagers.

When looking for a new place to play, a good starting point can be to decide between a few popular payment methods. Most people choose to plug in their credit card information so they start trying to win immediately. Others prefer to use such services such as PayPal (UK only), Skrill, and NetTeller that provide an e-wallet type option for an added layer of safety. The downside to these services is fees and/or longer processing times, which equates into waiting for your money. Whatever method you choose, the good news is there are lots of options.

Online Casino Real Money

Another popular method is through the use of virtual coins such as BitCoins. This cyber-currency exists online and it can be traded in for bets and products and even cashed out. Slots.LV Casino and Club World Casino are two great casinos to start your online gambling fun. They have great security and customer service and have won many awards. If you’re looking for a site with NO DEPOSIT bonuses to start with then SlotoCash is a surefire winner. It is also a great place to begin your slot spinning escapades if you are completely new to online gambling as they give very large casino bonuses. Since they are also one of the few USA mobile casinos that have real money games, we suggest playing at them to our US based friends as well.

No deposit casinos are an ideal place to begin with online gambling sites that are just for fun and require no money when looking to just learn more. It is important to note that the realistic manner of these slots is not very different from playing the real games in Vegas. They are designed to draw in the customer and have them feel on top so they place real bets later.

With that’s said, though they are just for fun, it is a good way to practice your game skills or maybe use it as a substitute for the real thing if your paycheck was a little short that week. There is always an amount of money management when talking about responsible gambling for having the option fun play is a great way to just get better. Online gambling doesn’t just stop at casinos. A huge trend in the gaming industry is sports betting where users pick teams on which to place bets. Sites such as Bovada and TopBet give quick payouts, great customer service and steady promotions.

Global online gambling is estimated to have reached thirty billion users. Online poker alone is a six billion dollar industry. It is sited that twenty percent of college students online gamble at least once a month. With stakes that high, it might drive the youth to more susceptible signs of a gambling addiction. The key to overcoming this statistic in is primarily parental intervention through awareness and in knowing when to stop playing so it never becomes a problem to begin with. It is important to note that some of the most highly trusted online casino companies will not allow sign ups from University or college students. Since a photo ID must be shown to win, this rule may help combat a growing problem.

A few rounds of online roulette to let of after work steam, or while on vacation shouldn’t break anybody’s bank or that person should reconsider gambling at all. The key is to be aware of the prevalence of online gambling and to practice it like anything else: always in moderation and in good humor. Of course new players win all the time, but old players are almost always in the red.

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I have been working in, and with different casinos for over twenty years, and as such I have seen many things happen to gambling online and offline. From Vegas to Atlantic City, and small places in between, my passion lies with games where I can win money.

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