2 Dead After Fatal Parking Lot Shooting

When going to a casino and resort many people intend to drink and gamble; hoping to have fun and win some money. What people do not expect is to be shot over something trivial or to be the witness to a fatal shooting. Outside of Resorts World Casino a woman was allegedly shot by her ex-boyfriend in the casino’s parking lot.

It was early morning Tuesday May, 26th, 2015 when the young woman was outside in the casino parking lot in Queens when the fatal shot was fired. The unidentified shooter was tracked by the NYPD after fleeing and hiding out in a Brooklyn school. A standoff and shootout took place, the man was fatally shot during that time.

The incident outside of Resorts World Casino happened shortly after 2am on May 26th where 55 year old Patricia Mohammad was mortally wounded. The shooting took place on 100-00 Rockaway Boulevard, where one man in a white Dodge pulled up alongside Mohammad while another opened fire, killing the woman.

Minutes after the killing the alleged shooter texted Mohammad’s family calling himself “The Grim Reaper.”

After the fatal encounter the suspect fled the scene only to be tracked down to a school parking lot on the east side of Brooklyn. He was tracked down by plain clothes officers in an unmarked van, who pulled in front of the Dodge. The suspect immediately began to fire at officers who fired back—the suspect was fatally shot. Found at the scene was a semi- automatic fire arm, an extra clip, and spare ammunition.

Patricia Mohammed, the 55 year old Brooklyn native was known to the community by the nickname Patsy. She was sitting with a man outside of the casino at 2am when what was described as her ex-boyfriend, Dalton Branch, pulled up and opened fire. He accused Mohammed of cheating on him before shooting her several times in the torso. He also attempted to shoot the man she was with but missed, and then fled the scene. Mohammed was quickly rushed to Jamaica Hospital but was declared dead upon arrival.

After fleeing the scene, Brach allegedly drove to a friend’s house outside of Prospect Park and phoned 911 to report his crime. He tauntingly told the operator, “I killed her and you’re never going to catch me.” Recovered at the scene was also the brutal taunting text messages sent to the victim’s family.

He also made phone calls to another female member of Mohammed’s family, taunting her and possibly making threats. Police were able to trace Branch to a school parking lot in Brooklyn where he was shot and killed by two plain clothed NYPD officers. He was tracked down at 5:58am where the officers pulled up to Branch’s white Dodge and were immediately fired at. A neighbor interviewed at the scene said that it sounded like “a gun battle” where 15-20 shots were fired between the two officers and Branch.

Mohammed and the man sitting with her earlier in the morning both worked at the casino where the deadly confrontation took place. The unidentified man was unscathed in the shooting and is credited with getting help to Mohammed immediately. However, the bullets riddling her torso made it almost impossible for her to pull through the encounter. Employees and police still inside the casino had no idea that anything was wrong. “It’s crazy,” said one officer interview after the incident.

According to investigators Dalton Branch was a repeat offender with arrests and charges over murder, possession, and armed robbery. This is the second large scale incident to happen on Resort World Casino property. In April, only 1 month earlier, the parking lot was scene to a brawl that included nearly two dozen people and resulted in 2 arrests and several injuries.
resorts world casino gunman called himself ‘the Grim Reaper’ before fatal shoot-out with police

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