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The Plot Thickens – Is Sheldon Adelson’s Sands Macau Casino a front for the CIA?

American investigation into Macau Casino Crime

An amazing turn of events occurred in the ongoing high-profile lawsuit for wrongful termination brought by Steven Jacobs, the former chief executive of the Sands Macau casino operation. Related Reading Crime, Corruption, and Casinos – The Legacy Continues Today Corruption:

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Crime, Corruption, and Casinos – The Legacy Continues Today

Las Vegas, translated as “the winds”, sprung up in the desert of Nevada during the 1930s as a way to entertain all the men who worked on the construction of Hoover Dam in nearby Boulder City. Gambling was already going

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Corruption: What Happens in Macau Stays in Vegas

Big money is at stake. A top American billionaire is implicated. There are allegations of illegal activities, organized crime involvement, political corruption, blackmail, and money-laundering. Macau is a place where glamour, gambling action, and crime still mix it up. The story

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Iowa Lotto Employee Wins Big: Two Counts of Fraud

Not supposed to be doing something but can’t remember what it was? In this case a lottery employee forgot he was not allowed to play… The story is that a 14.3 million lottery jackpot went unclaimed for several years. An

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They Could Have Walked With Millions – But Cheaters Never Win

John King and Andre Nestor discovered a bug in the Game King video poker machine that let them exploit it over and over, winning as much as $500,000 at a visit and eventually they became part of the first gambling

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