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Online Gaming – Without the Trump?

If you omit Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump from the political side of gambling, you will notice that there has not been much media coverage of state and online casino issues for awhile. When state operated casinos made up a

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Sports Sponsorship by Betting Companies are Being Picked Up in the US

Sports sponsorship by betting firms is no longer a new phenomenon in developed economies such as Spain, U.K and Australia, with most firms sponsoring various football divisions in these countries. Conspicuously missing from this list is the U.S., which has

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American Sports Betting App “Bait” Totally Legal, Trust Based Peer-to-Peer Payments

Logo of Bait Sports Gambling App

The American sports betting market has a huge appetite, making tech savvy companies venture into designing social sports betting apps for the first time. Bait, a sports betting app is not an exception to the ongoing craze making it the

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I’m An Unconventional Gambler Who Mostly Breaks Even

I have been a long time casino player, everything from video poker to the occasional table game – usually roulette and craps. People ask me why I go, or tell me that it is a losing proposition no matter how

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